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Love is about taking chances. This, we believe, is true in all love stories. Real life, or Hollywood ones. From the moment we met, to the dates where we got to know each other, to the times we realized we’re already in love, this has always been true for me and my wife. If we haven’t taken that chance, we wouldn’t feel what we now feel every day when we wake up next to each other. Even up until now, years after our marriage, we both continue to take chances on our love. This, we bet, goes on forever.

Our Love Story

From all the love stories, I saw or read about, our story is my favorite one. At first, both of us didn’t have much faith in online dating. That’s why it’s silly to say that we got to know each other online. Talk about taking chances... Not used to talking to people online, I never really thought that it would work. But to my surprise, it did. We’ve talked for few weeks before going on our first date. It was magical. No small talk. No awkward conversations. There was just some sort of a connection between us. Right then and there, we knew we’ve already found it – we’ve found love. When we looked at each other the world stopped. All that was real for us at that moment were just our eyes staring at each other. Nothing else. No other people, no worries, no past or future. The world stopped and there was just Us.

Looking back together, we’re happy how both of us took the chances. If we didn’t, we never could have met each other. We never would have felt what we feel when we’re together. That, we can’t afford. We can’t imagine life without Us.

Taking Chances

When it comes to love, it’s a wise move to take all the possible chances right in front of you. Who knows you might just meet the one. If you’re thinking twice about online dating, just like we both were at first, just take the leap. Just take the chance.

Spreading the Love & Meeting the Right One

Everyone deserves love. That’s why we want to spread the love around the world – for free. Unlike some other dating websites, our website is free. We can give you millions of chances to find your one true love. We believe the world would be much better place if everyone found their true love.

Our mission is to connect people who are looking for true love. Here, we guide you through your journey of finding a serious relationship, with marriage as the destination. We help you save yourself from unnecessary heart breaks from casual dating and one-night stand.

We are committed to help you find your favorite love story!

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